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Production ability

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Manufacturing scale

  • Production base of low temperature storage tank and tank car

The production base of low temperature storage tank and tank car covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, of which the factory area is 60 thousand square meters. The office area has a comprehensive R & D, design, marketing, procurement management and training center,
The production area is divided into four major manufacturing workshops: the heavy one workshop of 19000, the two workshop of 25000 small-sized equipment manufacturing, the 11000 general assembly shop and the 2700 workshop, respectively, using different
Excellent processing and manufacturing technology.
The base mainly produces liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, LNG, carbon dioxide, liquid hydrogen storage tank and tank car, ship tank, small and low temperature gas supply station of anjex, engineering tank and various gas filling stations. The production capacity reaches 4100 / year storage tanks…


  • Gas cylinder production base

  The production base of cryogenic gas cylinder covers an area of 34 thousand square meters, of which the factory area is 15 thousand square meters. Create many industries first: the first cryogenic insulated gas cylinder production line, the first LN car bottles,
It helped Russia's first LNG fuel vehicle, the first cryogenic equipment manufacturing enterprise with E-Mark certification of vehicle bottles, and the largest domestic 950L cylinder … …The base currently has three major assembly line manufacturing plants,
The main processes of cylinder volume, internal longitudinal seam welding, flaw detection, inner ring group pair, flaw detection, test pressure, filling baking, winding suit, helium leak detection and vacuum pumping are finished on the pipeline, and the annual capacity reaches 100 thousand. At the same time, equipped with fully automatic entry and exit stereoscopic storehouse, 4000 cylinders can be stored at a time.


Manufacturing equipment

  • Metal structure equipment

A.CNCDG-3000-01 numerical control plasma cutting machine
B.PW63CNC-2A and PW89CNC-2A-1S numerical control hydraulic pipe bender
C.1400-4000mm*25mm numerical control head opening cutting machine
D. Italy imported DAVE fully automatic four roll coiling machine
E. plasma straight seam welder
F. plasma loop seam welder
J.MIG straight seam welder HL2000
H.MIG loop seam welder HWH100*2500
I.MCA2024 Italy imported rolling machine


  • Suit equipment

The A. cylinder section pairs can be set up with a maximum diameter of 5200mm and a length of 30m.
B. narrow gap suit machine.

  • Vacuum replacement equipment

Internal and external heating and replacement room for a.14*4*3m tank car
B.JKT-630, 5 stage compression high vacuum diffusion pump unit


  • Detection equipment

A. online digital imaging detection technology
B. full automatic spectrometer
D. Germany imported helium mass spectrometer leak detector HLT550, leak detector can detect 5× 10-12mbar.l/s leakage rate
E. enhanced system, automatic and precise control to ensure product quality.


  • Appearance processing equipment

A.30× 6× 6.5m environmental wind blowing sand blasting equipment
B.2M58100F polishing machine

  • Other

A. all fiber gas-fired annealing furnace can meet the heat treatment of 18×, 4× and 4.5m single products.
B. automated stereoscopic storehouse can store 4000 gas cylinders at one time.

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