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  The national Torch Program is the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program and the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province. It has the national post doctoral research station, the Jiangsu enterprise technology center, the Jiangsu provincial enterprise postgraduate workstation, the Jiangsu province's low temperature storage and transportation equipment Engineering Research Center and so on.


  • Industry standard writer

·As the leader of the research and development of China's low temperature storage and transportation equipment technology, the national standards involved in the formulation and release are GB/T18443.5-2001, GB/T 18442.1-2011 to GB/T 18442.6-2011, GB/T31480-2015, and JB/T4784-2007. In addition, as the main drafting unit of our company, the national standards are being formulated, including the liquefied natural gas cylinders for automobiles, the technical conditions for liquefied natural gas vehicles, the technical conditions for the special equipment for liquefied natural gas vehicles, and the tank for marine liquefied natural gas fuel, which highlights the technical leadership of the company in this field. Status.



  • Patent certificate

·92 patents have been authorized by the company,Among them, China has 5 invention patents and 2 American invention patents.The core technology of the leading product is self-control. “ Santa Fe ” won the famous trademark of China and the famous trademark of Jiangsu.




  • Dual guarantee of the strength of personnel and technology research

·At present, the company has 13 senior engineers, 40 engineers, and 150 professional and technical personnel.

·  Equipped with advanced computer 2D / 3D design software, stress analysis software, etc., it is applied to product design and manufacture.

·  It has the Jiangsu provincial recognized enterprise technology center, the national post doctoral research station and the Jiangsu provincial cryogenic storage and transportation equipment engineering technology research center's science and technology facilities platform.

· The key technology and industrialization project of austenitic stainless steel cryogenic vessel strengthened by cooperation with Zhejiang University is awarded the first prize of science and technology progress of the Ministry of education.

·  In collaboration with Harbin Institute of Technology, he participated in the research project of the 863 national plan, and participated in the two national 863 project led by CIMC.



  Zhongji st DA has accumulated rich experience in the field of low temperature storage and transportation equipment, especially the storage and transportation of LNG industry chain and application equipment, and strives to become the leading manufacturer of low temperature equipment and system solution provider in the world!

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