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Car and tank business

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Business introduction 

The company has been committed to R & D and manufacture of cryogenic cryogenic storage and transportation equipment. To provide a safe and efficient cryogenic liquid storage equipment for the users, especially in the field of LNG storage and transportation equipment, it is the leading supplier in the industry, and provides strong support for the safety supervision of the industry.

The company's R & D of many storage and transportation equipment has been recognized by the state, provincial level and the industry first. Among them: &ldquo, the key technology and industrialization project &rdquo of the austenitic stainless steel cryogenic vessel, the first prize of the science and technology progress award of the Ministry of education of the State Ministry of education, the title of the Jiangsu province low temperature storage and transportation equipment Engineering Research Center, the first high vacuum multi-layer insulation LNG transport vehicle in China, and the subsequent Technology Comprehensive promotion and application to LNG tank container; independent research and development of the first liquefied natural gas belt pump transport car, and in December 2011, won the Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Hall method of LNG gas car high-tech product identification; independently developed the largest domestic volume of LNG cryogenic liquid transport semitrailer (55.6m³), for customers to achieve The benefit is maximized.

At the same time, according to the national policy and energy development plan, the concept of low carbon economy is advocated, and the haze weapon &rdquo is taken first, and Ansem &rdquo, a series of small low-temperature gas supply stations, to provide more environmentally friendly, safer, more stable, more efficient products and services for the energy and chemical equipment industry, and strive to become the leading energy in the world. The key equipment manufacturers, engineering services and system solutions providers in the chemical industry make outstanding contributions to technological progress and industrial development and better human life.


Cryogenic liquid storage equipment Cryogenic liquid transport equipment “Anjietong”-Small cryogenic gas supply station