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social responsibility

Cultural Activity

Advocate the value concept of Zhongji and create a harmonious cultural atmosphere. Since March 2014, the company has held a total of 9 stylistic activities at the company level, and the 6 interest associations have been organized in a normal manner. Interesting sports games, parents and children, family friendship, the celebration of the flag raising ceremony and other types of sports competitions and cultural activities, so that the staff in the busy work can also release their body and mind, enjoy life.
case 1: Zhongji shengin held the fun sports meet
In May 26th, Zhongji San Da was held in the new factory in 2014. 12 teams from the company participated in the sports meeting. There were 6 games in this sports meeting, which were set in 3 areas at the same time. In front of the office building, the financial resources were rolling, and we all worked together to move the props forward. We could see that our opponent was right in front of us. Two doors in front of the concerted effort, 8 members of the ankle two with the bandage tied together, the left side of the player carefully picked up the mineral water bottle to the right to pass, contestants shout slogans step by step, "one or two, one or two..." The yelling reverberated over the field for a long time.
After more than two hours of intense competition, at 4:20 p.m., the sports meeting came to a close in a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere. This sports meeting, its significance not only lies in the sports meeting itself to provide a platform for the company's employees to publicize their youth and common joy, but also to convey the spirit of the company to the company.

Case 2: the 2014 tug of war held by the Zhongji St. Da
In December 19th, the annual tug of war competition, like about, from the production workshop, the functional departments of the 19 teams, a total of more than 190 people participated in the competition, the competition is unprecedented.
The cold winter, although the window cold wind, but still unable to resist the enthusiasm of the contestants, at one o'clock in the afternoon, 19 teams come to their respective games on time, to start the warm-up before the game. As the referee made the game, the players clasped the rope, the body leaned back and dragged the rope in his own direction, and the Lara players on both sides were also shouting and cheering for their team. The scene was hot. There was a fierce competition. The 1 team of cylinders and the business of gas cylinders were crowns the second runner up. The third runner up was captured by the assembly workshop.
In 2014, with the continuous development of corporate cultural work, Zhongji Shengda held a fun games, mountaineering, tug of war, and set up an employee gym. On the one hand, the implementation of these measures is the embodiment of the company's humanistic concept. On the other hand, we also want to remind all the staff to work. At the same time, we should also pay attention to exercise. Health is the most valuable asset.


Community participation and development

While pursuing the healthy development of enterprises, the company also actively undertakes the social responsibilities it should fulfill. In 2014, Zhongji shengin supported the development of the district town, and donated 500 thousand yuan to the surrounding schools and village committees. The company organized the staff to actively participate in the activities held in the district town, the February Free Trade Zone mountain climbing, the June district town table tennis match, and the single Youth Friendship Association in November.
Case: Zhongji Shengda won the gold palace town table tennis competition hall
In the morning of June 14th, the national fitness festival in Zhangjiagang Bao Rui (Jin Hong Kong) - ping-pong competition opened the curtain in the Zhangjiagang Chong Zhen middle school, and many strong teams from various enterprises and institutions of the district participated in this competition. Company marketing center Qian Xiaoyi, quality management department Xu Chengqian, financial management department Xia Haiyan on behalf of the company to participate in this activity. This table tennis tournament adopts the rules of team competition, and the competition system is three games, two wins and eleven balls. After a fierce competition, the company finally won fourth good results in the group.