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Social responsibility

Survey of employee satisfaction

People oriented and continuous improvement. In 2014, 700 employees of the company were investigated on the satisfaction of the company. The survey was carried out according to the five dimensions of development, team, management, environment and salary, and finally summed up more than 50 remedial measures. After a year of tracking and implementation, the company has made progresses in the field of workshop dust control, smoking control and personnel training, and has made important contributions to building a healthy and harmonious workplace environment.
In addition, the company also focuses on the adoption of employees' opinions through a variety of channels, the continuous output of the staff relations coordinative Committee, and the schedule of the staff congress to improve the employee satisfaction. The directional satisfaction survey of corporate culture and training provides specific solutions for the improvement of related fields.


Occupational health or working environment

(occupational health examination, training, staff environment improvement)

Focus on occupational health and focus on environmental improvement. From April 2014 to July, the company carried out 32 class hours of safety awareness training for 748 operating workers. It involves several projects, such as welding, lifting, single beam driving and so on. In May 2014, the company invited the traffic police in its jurisdiction to publicize traffic laws and regulations, and promoted the safety driving consciousness of employees. In order to effectively prevent and control the disease, the company organized a unified physical examination for all the employees, including some special line workers' physical examination. In addition, the company also pays attention to the improvement of the working environment: the building of the smoking room and the staff gym, the hot water supply in the canteen and the workshop hand - wash pool, the full implementation of the office building 3S, and the implementation of a number of Huimin initiatives to improve the new height of the support environment.
Case: Zhongji shengin trains 2014 traffic safety training
In May 28th, the company invited Chen Baoping police officer from the district police to come to the company to declare the traffic safety knowledge. The company's car and special car drivers participated in the training, and many employees took part in the training. By using relevant laws and regulations, combining the experience of many years on duty and the current situation of traffic in Zhangjiagang, Chen police officers, starting from the vital interests of the staff, let you know the importance of strict compliance with the traffic regulations from the heart. At the meeting, the training through monitoring and playback of the way for everyone to reproduce the accident happened, a bloody case, a tragic accident scene, deeply shocked each of the participants in the heart. In addition, in order to enable more employees to learn the valuable lessons of safe driving, the company has set up publicity boards at the door of the factory and distributes publicity materials, attracting a lot of staff to watch.


Rescue of difficult employees

To carry out the work of poverty alleviation, transfer the positive energy of love. In 2014, the company further expanded the influence of mutual fund. By holding the public flea market and carrying out all staff fund-raising activities, a total of 217331 yuan was raised for nine difficult employees.
case 1: seven year old children suffer from illness, St.
Tian Yizhou was an ordinary welder in the workshop of the San Da Da production center. In July 29, 2014, the 7 year old son (Tian Run) of Tian Yi Zhou (Tian Run) was sent to the local traditional Chinese medicine hospital for treatment. Due to the complexity of the disease, Xiao Tian ran to Beijing Military Institute, after renal biopsy, gene test, the hospital initially determined the severity of the disease, but the specific pathology has not been confirmed. In order to see his son, Tian Yi Zhou sold the house property, but even so can only support the child's one year treatment cost, if the later condition worsens, the cost will be incalculable.
After understanding the situation, the company's trade union called on all employees to make a love donation. The donation activities were strongly supported by the staff and staff. A large amount of money was received in a few days. In September 12th, the Union sent 100 thousand yuan of donations to Tian Yi Zhou.

Case 2: big love and future -- Zhongji shengin held a public welfare flea market.
From November 24, 2014 to 28, the company organized the first public flea market. Within 4 days, the company raised more than 80 spare items from the production line and the functional department. From fans, teacups, plush toys to books, potted plants, all kinds of objects are all love. 28 noon, in the new factory office hall, a neat arrangement of flea materials attracted a lot of workers to watch, many items even aroused the auction of everyone's bidding auction, just half an hour, all the goods were snapped up, a total of 2394 yuan, a total of money into the company mutual fund, for support the company Difficult staff,
This event is a successful attempt of Saint din in practicing the humanistic concept and creating a harmonious cultural atmosphere. In the follow-up work, we will also try to build the public flea market into a normal platform mechanism to continue to contribute to staff care and poverty alleviation.