• December

    The registered capital of the company has increased to 795 million yuan, and the scale of the enterprise has further expanded.

  • 2009

  • August

    The company is incorporated into the Hong Kong listed companies of CIMC, "China Ji'an Rex Holdings Limited".

  • 2006

  • April

    The new factory area, which covers an area of 126 thousand and 700 square meters, is completed and put into operation.

  • 2004

  • October

    Zhongji vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. purchased San Da Yin shares held by Xinjiang Guanghui industrial investment (Group) limited liability company. The company changed its name to Zhangjiagang Zhongji st Da Yin Equipment Co., Ltd. to increase its capital to RMB 145 million yuan.

  • 2001

  • January

    Xinjiang Guanghui industrial investment (Group) Co., Ltd. investment holding.

  • 1999

  • December

    Zhangjiagang Shengda Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in the production of low-temperature equipment.


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